Now 4 songs from this production with Ralf Toursel and Christian Buehner are FOR THE FIRST TIME RELEASED AND ON CD on the new compilation "Wo sind all die schoenen Jahre" (2010 by Sireena Records in Germany)


Lass Geschehn
Ich liebe die Grossstadt
Ich geb nicht auf
Bundesstrasse 8


Ralf & suzanne produced in 1982 with Ralf Toursel and Christian Buehner this album was a raw draft for a follow up album of Suzanne's "Reisefieber". The production was made in a "Demo" Studio all instruments were played by Suzanne, Ralf and Christian. I would like to make the rest of these Demos available on CD for those who would like to have them. These tracks were never before released. Ralf Toursel passed away in 1985. This is a tribute to my friend Ralf.
"Nostradamus" and "Digital"   a demo-production with Christian Buehner
"St. Marie de la Mer"   a demo-production with Christian Buehner
"Die Alten" und "Wie wird es werden wenn wir alt sind"   a demo-production of Jaques Brel's song "Les vieux" and a full studio production of a song by Suzanne produced for Klosterfrau Melissengeist.




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