Songs written for/with: Rio Gregory, Thomas Fritsch, Udo Juergens, Margot Werner, Wencke Myrre, Mirreille Mathieux,
Vivi Bach, Sue Miriam, Vittorio, Anja Hauptmann, Rex Gildo, Zweistein, Diane Doucet, Ralph Siegel, Abi Ofarim,
Yip Harburg, Ralf Toursel, Christian Buehner, Mike Brant, Ilanit, Christian Bruhn, Max Colpet, Rainer Wallraf

Produced and co-produced artists: Mike Brant, Anja Hauptmann, Margot Werner, Al Gromer Khan, Golanå, Michael Hoppé,
Ray Leonard, Gary Miraz, Tajalli, Chuck Plaisance (55 CDs), Paradiso, Zweistein (Tripple LP, single)

T.V. shows and LPs with Raphael Wilczek: "Ich weiss nicht was ich werden soll" (BR 8 episodes)
Also 3 LPs for children written and produced with Raphael Wilczek
TV show "PSI" with Dr. Friedrich Doucet
Written with Raphael Wilczek

Produced with Armin Rahn and Raphael Wilczek: Rollerskate Ralley 1978 Munich Olympia Stadion (30,000 visitors)

Short Film edited and soundtrack with Veit Relin, script and soundtrack for "Lieber Erwin"
Regie: Thomas Fantl, also Soundtrack for: "Eilat" Regie: Thomas Fantl

International New Age Music Conference 1989, 1990, 1991
"The International New Age World Music Festival at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles
1991 produced with James Bell

Website: created with Beth Lerch created with James Bell

Music as a Bridge: Concept for a T.V. Documentary (26 episodes) created with Guido Hoogenboom

Crossover: Concept for a Feature film created with Guido Hoogenboom and Nicole Brandon

Video Productions 2008/2009 : HD DVD Production for Quantum-Touch® Richard Gorden, energy healing 2 DVDs,
including lecture, interview, Q&A with Audience, Practitioners, sessions in the park, with Chiroprater
Dr. James Hopkins -
Co-produced and directed with Richard Kashanski. see on YouTube Channel QuantumTouch.

Artist Feature with Jeffrey Fisher co-produced and directed with James Bell

Paradiso, "Healing Vibes at the Beach, co-produced and directed with James Bell

Artist Feature with Torben Thoger. Co-produced and directed with Torben Thoger, Camelot Communication

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