"Wo Sind All die Schoenen Jahre
" includes:
Wo sind all die schoenen Jahre /
Das Herz der Welt (single 1974)
Suzanne (Reisefieber)
Wenn (Reisefieber)
Reisefieber (Reisefieber)
Fragen (Essig und Oel)
Musik ist Liebe (Essig und Oel)
Chantal (Rot wie Rubin)
Bunter Drachen (Rot wie Rubin)



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Anthology of Suzanne's best songs as a Singer-Songwriter. From 1965 - 1981 Suzanne recorded several singles and LPs in Germany that were very poetic and spiritual. On this compilation are songs from 3 albums, 2 singles and a few previously unreleased songs.

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1. Zaertlich wie der Wind (Music: Ralph Toursel)
2. Ich hau ab
3. Reisefieber (Music: Suzanne Doucet Lyrics: with Anja Hauptmann)
4. Suzanne (Music & Lyrics: Leonard Cohen / German lyrics: Suzanne Doucet
5. Der Narr das bin ich (Music: Christian Buehner)
6. Zeig mir das Land (Music: Ralph Toursel, Lyrics: Max Colpet)
7. Wie ein Bild von Chagall (Suzanne Doucet)
8. Sonntag in Manhattan (Suzanne Doucet)
9. Wenn (Music: Suzanne Doucet Lyrics: with Anja Hauptmann)

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Original release on vinyl on IsisMusic 90001 in 1980

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Now available on CD at CD BABY!

ONAM CD 90001-2 in 2006

Reisefieber was produced and recorded in Munich 1979. Suzanne started her own Record label with this album . "Reisefieber" was very successful - Suzanne travelled through Germany visiting all record stores, radio and TV stations pioneering 25 years ago what many artists do today!

Please see also Christian Buehner's website, if you have access to home broadband and other connections: I am Music

Anja Hauptmann

see comments on Suzanne's songs

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ROT WIE RUBIN (re-released version)
songs are sequenced differently

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rot wie rubin 2

re-released by Look Back in 1982 on vinyl

"Rot wie Rubin" was re-released in 1982 by Look Back in Switzerland -

CD copies on demand are available. Please contact us if you are interested to purchase a CD of "ROT WIE RUBIN" digitally transferred from Vinyl.

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James Tierleben (LP vinyll) Original version - with famous commedian Hans Clarin (+) and children's book author James Kruess (+)
1. Liebe Mensch-und Tiergemeinde
2. Die Reise nach Rom 3.Affenschule 4. Moevenlied 5. Spatzenluegen 6. Morgenmusik 7. Der begossene Pudel 8. Wenn Tiere traeumen 9. Der Sperling und die Schulhofkinder 10. Kleine Katzen 11. Was denken in der Neujahrsnacht
Seite 2
12. Kleine Fuechse 13. Kueken - Kindergarten 14. Spatzen - Internationale 15. Es sprach die Maus zum Floh 16. Der Kater und die Maus 17. Der Eisbaer und der Hermelin 18. Ein Schaefchen kam im Mai daher 19. Osterspaziergang 20. Der Kater und die Sardelle 21. Mister Jamaica 22. Die kleinen Pferde heissen Fohlen 23.Tierweihnacht 24. Liebe Mensch-und Tiergemeinde


Metronome MLP 15225 1967 Music by Christian Bruhn, produced by Christian Bruhn

2005 - Now available on CD!!! @AMAZON.DE

25 Songs (from 120 songstotal) from the Children's TV series "James Tierleben" with Hans Clarin and James Kruess, Hessischer RDF produced bty Christian Bruhn

This album has been digitally remastered and is being released in Germany on CD in conjunction with other Children's productions by Christian Bruhn from the Radio & TV series: "Betty's Beat-Box-House" Buy NOW at

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Suzanne Doucet International (LP vinyl)
to listen to excerpts click on titles
1. Cry Me Heart
2. Samba D'Orfee
3. Ave Verum '69
4. Mon Arbre
5. Swan Song
6. Funiculi-Funicola
7. 1910
8. Lasst den Sonnenschein herein
9. Erev Shel Shoshanim
10. Die Taube
11. Zwei Gitarren
12. Der Clown


Liberty 1969 out of Print

Produced by Sigi Loch, composers and arrangers Klaus Doldinger, Christian Bruhn, Rio Gregory, Boris Joic, Gilbert Becaud and Suzanne Doucet


In Essig und Oel (LP vinyl)

1. Fragen
2. Nur ein Moment
3. Alle Wege muss ich gehen
4. Jimmy
5. Robert
6. Was macht der Wind
7. Alles liegt in Dir
8. Musik ist Liebe
9. Meine Guitarre und ich

essig und oel

PRODUCED BY ABI OFARIM for Prom 1974 out of Print

(will be released on CD soon)

Suzanne painted the album Cover herself. Oscar Winner drummer Keith Forsey played on this album with Paul Vincent (Udo Lindenberg's Guitar player) Gary Unwin Bass and Silvester Levey (Fly Robin Fly) plays Keyboards. Quite an ensemble! Last not least the album was engeneered by Juergen Koppers who later became star engeneer for Georgio Moroder (Donna Summer)

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Tripple Album - Trip - Flip out - Meditation listen to excerpts from WFMU radio Tony Coulter's show: track 3 on TRIP /
Track from: Flip Out
and mix1set1 track #7



1970 Phillips 6630002


out of Print



Zweistein was mostly an instrumental "Sound Collage" with very little vocals. There is however "A very Simple Song" on "Trip" - Note: I found the triple album auctioned for 288 Euro on ebay.

see also: Krautrock and The Sound Projector

Album title: Cover Image: record label : additional info:

Suzanne Doucet - Die Grossen Erfolge
1. Das geht doch keinen etwas an
2. So long so long
3. Was faellt Dir ein
4. Schenk mir einen tag mit viel Amore
5.Nur aus Schaden wird man klug
6.Glueck und Liebe
7. Du musst dich entscheiden

Seite 2
1. Sei mein Baby (Be my baby)
2. Okay, ich geh3. Oho Aha
4. das steht in keinem schulbuch5. Aber was weiss ich von Dir
6. warte nicht bis morgen
7. Geh nicht am Glueck vorbei


Metronome HTLP 10.166

1982 look Back out of Print

The original version of a compilation released by Metronome of all of Suzanne's single hits. Bonus tracks: So Long and Oho Aha in english (was released in Japan)
Album title: Cover Image: record label : additional info:
Die Grossen Erfolge
1.Das geht doch keinen etwas an
2.Sei mein Baby
3.Glück und Liebe
4.Nur aus Schaden wird man klug
5.Warte nicht bis morgen
6.Aber was weiß ich von Dir
7.Was fällt Dir ein
8.Whe he holds me tight
9.Okay, ich geh
10.Du mußt Dich entscheiden
11.Oho Aha
12.Schenk mir einen Tag mit viel Amore
13.Das steht in keinem Schulbuch
14.Geh nicht am Glück vorbei
15.Be my Baby (english version for Japan)
16.So long, so long (english version for Japan)
hits metronome out of Print This rereleased version also includes bonus tracks released previously (1966) in Japan of the titles "Be my Baby", "So long, so long", "When he holds me tied" (oho aha) and
Album title: Cover Image: record label : additional info:

ROT WIE RUBIN LP - ORIGINAL VERSION - you can listen to excerpts. Click on titles or notes5listen to the entire album

1. Wenn die Nacht vergeht (Udo Juergens)
2. Allein (Rainer Wallraf / Rio Gregory)
3. Der Teddybaer
4. Der Brief (Rainer wallraf / Rio Gregory)
5. Mein Erster Weg (Suzanne Doucet / Udo Juergens)
6. Rot wie Rubin (Joe Bahlke / Rio Gregory)
7. Chantal (Suzanne Doucet / Rio Gregory)
8. Traeume aus Papier (Joe Bahlke / Rio Gregory)
9. Bunter Drachen (Suzanne Doucet / Rio Gregory)
10.Irgendein Baum (Suzanne Doucet)
11. Du (Suzanne Doucet)
12.Ein Glas eine Flasche (Rainer Wallraf / Rio Gregory)

rot wie rubin

Metronome MLP15196 (1965)

out of Print

Suzanne's first LP!Suzanne invested all the profits she had made with her first 3 hit singles and produced her first own LP when she was 19 years old. She was the first "Liedermacherin" in Germany and the youngest record producer more

Udo Juergens recorded a version himself of the song he wrote with Suzanne in 1966 Mein Erster Weg

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