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RESONANCE - ONAM CD 2000-2 UPC code 025981200027
Suzanne Doucet, Gary Miraz (Doucet & Miraz)
Already critically acclaimed as a masterpiece, this is the first published collaboration in music by these two visionary artists. Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz both share a passion for unique and unusual sounds and the visual arts. The recordings on this album have been created out of the moment: Impressionistic, surrealistic improvisations, perfect for Reiki, Massage and Meditation. RESONANCE debuted at #4 in New Age reporter's top 100 Radio charts. RESONANCE charted at #5 in Music Choice's SoundScapes program.


"A rarely achieved perfection in serenity" Michael Hoppé, Grammy nominated recording artist

"I think it is a masterpiece.Your art is so wonderful. Sound can be so beautiful."
David Delay, Santa Barbara

"The Music of RESONANCE takes on visual qualities and otherworldly realms with a grace and ease that is easy to be with, and can be revisited often." Lloyd Barde, Backroads

Resonance relaxes me and connects me with other
worlds. May Doucet & Miraz continue to create such
marvellous music! Leslie Bohn, psychologist

We just got "Resonance" from doucet & miraz and we think it's
masterful. We are using it within our eclectic mid-day programming.
John Ziegler, KUMD


Reviewer: newmusik from Los Angeles, CA
This disc is a classic. It has been a really long time since I have heard New Age Synth Music that is as good as Resonance. When I played this CD for the first time I was instantly carried away into another realm. I particularly love the first track on this CD. Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz have a great musical synergy that is evident throughout this entire disc. This disc is a must have for any New Age music collection

Reviewer: Beth Lerch, communications manager Resonance is clearly a heartfelt project. Positive sounds, unique rhythms flow from this magical pairing of artists, creating a wonderful heart/mind space that is very conducive to relaxation and entertaining at home.

Reviewer: farid horezco from Los Angeles, CA USAAn advice : make yourself comfortable, take big breathes and get ready for the Exceptional Journey that propose you these two artists Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz with their latest release: Resonance. Let yourself transport through the waves of Resonance, do not limit yourself and live fully amazing experiences of timeless journey. Let it go with this release. A magical experience fullfilled with beauty, humility, simplicity and Love. To be recommended.

5 out of 5 stars Maximum Lush!, May 29, 2002
Reviewer: John Balint (Santa Barbara, CA USA) - See all my reviews
Resonance now takes the place of Brian Eno and Harold Budd's "The Pearl" as my favorite ambient/synth album. Doucet and Miraz' playing complement each other beautifully. As anyone who has ever recorded synthesizer knows, the key to success is two-fold: First, the sounds themselves must be top-notch. There are a lot of cheezy synth patches in the world, and happily, none of them find their way onto this album. Secondly, since synthesizers are potentially cold and mechanical sounding, the PLAYING has to be expressive and sensitive. Again, Doucet and Miraz do not disappoint. My favorite track is the opening "Dancing Shadows" which features a haunting melody played on what I believe is a vintage Moog synthesizer, or a darn-good imitation thereof.
As for the mood, I would say that in a word, Resonance is REASSURING. Although it definitely has all the best features of space music, for me, there is just enough melodic/harmonic content to keep me in my body, and ultimately, after a few tracks, I end up feeling like all is well after all. This one is staying in my rotation for a long time to come.
I suggest you buy it. Listen to Resonance in the morning, and add a little bliss to your whole day.

This is a deep listening CD of collaborative musical meanderings by Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz. Their CD is built on impressionistic, surrealistic improvisations. Light pulse rhythms,unusual sounds and effects, often from a distance, and space music built on melody and shifting drone layers is what develops over the course of six rather lengthy tracks. Like liquid portraits, the music of "Resonance" takes on visual qualities and otherworldly realms with a grace and ease that is easy to be with, and can be revisited often.
Lloyd Barde – Backroads Music
Suzanne Doucet is a true new age practitioner, mogul, and performer. She has used her musical integrity and business savvy to create her own mini-empire. Gary Miraz is a visual artist of wide repute. He combines spirituality with creative energy to create meaningful and expressive works. His musical virtuosity stems from and adds to the depth of meaning. Resonance is a nearly perfect blend of acoustic and electronic keyboards. Miraz and Doucet share the boards -- key and sound -- and production on this holistic atmospheric offering. The soundscapes are perfect vehicles for meditation and relaxation. This CD will appeal to fans of Zero Ohms, Liquid Mind, and Brannan Lane.
Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide

Only New Age Music, Inc. (2002)
Resonance is as near to perfect as an electronic new age music album can be - seriously. Suzanne Doucet and Gary Miraz blew me away with this ultra-sublime recording. Talk about serene! Talk about beautiful! This is the real deal like they used to do it back when new age music was still highly regarded (back in the good old '80s).
The first track ("The Crossing") features minimal piano surrounded by an assortment of warm analog and digital synths: strings, washes, spacy effects. The result is some of the best "pure" spacemusic I've heard since David Lange's classic Return of the Comet. "In Dreaming" layers lush synths on top of muted rhythms. What is so impressive about all of Resonance (and this track exemplifies it) is the sheer density of the various synthesizers. The music floats on multiple cushions of warm soft clouds of washes, choruses and serene keyboard chords. The tone-poem-ish piano seems to hover effortlessly over the assorted electronics in just the right balance. Unlike the work of Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind), Doucet and Miraz keep things more restrained by not allowing the synth choruses to dominate the mix. While I love Liquid Mind's music, I must admit this low key (relatively speaking) approach is even better. "Indigo Moon" opens with the piano featured more outfront, played with a hint of breeziness, and soon intermixed with gentle waves of strings along with bell-like tones (way WAY back in the mix). There is a hint of Eastern modality to the song, as well, but it's barely a whisper of a fragrance. These first three tracks are all about eight minutes long.
After one of my favorite songs on the album ("Dancing Shadows" with neo-classical plucked strings imparting a gentle yet insistent rhythm to the delicate and somber melody played on synth strings and ethereal whistling synths), the last two tracks are fourteen and ten minutes long. As such, the themes develop patiently and stretch out more than on previous tracks. "New Dawn" again features muted pulsing rhythms buried almost underground in the mix, while echoed piano, strings, and other new age style keyboards intermingle, this time with lots of twinkling cosmic bells for a more angelic touch. The effect feels like an organic life-force bubbling undeneath the surface - lively yet not frenetic, energizing yet in a relaxed manner. "Zabrisky Point" is another track that spacemusic lovers (as well as new age music fans) should go nuts for, as it begins with sustained breathy synth washes a la Jonn Serrie from his "classic" period. I don't see how someone who enjoys And The Stars Go With You or Flightpath could NOT love this track. Doucet and Miraz blend patient floating chords with the same choral effect Serrie used in "Muroc" (from Flightpath), but combine it with more dramatic sweeping keyboards and sparse piano. A hint of mystery permeates some of the song, almost crossing over into foreboding - but not quite (via minor key modality, mostly) and the transition to a more exotic lead synth line (some desert-like themes are even introduced and flirted with, a la Open Canvas).
I wish I could forcibly drag warm ambient music fans (as opposed to dark or noir) and spacemusic lovers (who both have such a ludicrously unreasonable disdain for new age music) to a listening station, tie them down, and make them listen to Resonance. Then hook them to a polygraph and defy them to say "I didn't like this." While hard core beat lovers, dissonance freaks, and minimal fanaticists might be telling the truth, I also think that I'd get a lot of "false" readings on the machine, too. Resonance is just a damn lovely, if not strikingly gorgeous, slice of electronic music. Spacemusic fans - check it out. This album gets my highest recommendation. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
review by Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire


About the Artists:
Suzanne Doucet
is the president and co-founder of Only New Age Music, Inc. Originally from Germany with an international career first as a teen-pop star, singer and songwriter, then as a TV-host, producer, music publisher and record-label owner, Suzanne devoted all her energies since 1969 to help explore the New Age Music scene world wide. She is regarded as one of the foremost experts and pioneers of this genre. She opened the World's first "Only New Age Music" store in Hollywood California with her husband James Bell in 1987, on Melrose Avenue. She also founded the International New Age Music Network. She has produced and directed 3 international New Age Music conferences and the World's first "New Age World Music Festival" at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, starring 20 well known New Age Artists including Dik Darnell, Steven Halpern and Paul Horn. Suzanne has released several critically acclaimed New Age Albums of her own, several with European songwriter producer and engineer Christian Buehner ("Transformation" and "Transmission") and produced and directed the award winning video "Starflight". She produced a series of 21 CDs "Sounds of Nature" with Chuck Plaisance in 1997 as well as a series of 21 CDs with Nature sounds and Music "Tranquility" released in early 1998. Her music from the album 'Reflecting Light' was featured on Shirley Maclaine's best selling video 'Inner workout'. She also works successfully as a consultant to New Age labels and artists since 1989. Her clients include Liquid Mind, John Balint, Golana¥, Christopher Franke (TG), Patrick O'Hearn, Alex de Grassi, Constance Demby, Armen Chakmakian, Dave & Steve Gordon, Ray Leonard, Maya & Sage a.m.o.

Gary Miraz
Musician, producer and graphic designer, originally from Argentina, grew up in Los Angeles, California. He is crazy about vintage synths and Suzanne and Gary share that passion. Gary has been working with Only New Age Music as a graphic designer for over 10 years. He has designed covers for Constance Demby, Golana¥, Ray and many other artists. 'Resonance' is Gary's debut album. It is also his first musical collaboration with Suzanne Doucet. He has also recorded and released an album with Paradiso, "Through Fields Of Stars". Gary Miraz is currently living and performing in Berlin/Germany.

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